Finally, a guidebook to managing the revenue side of a business from the top down, rather than from the bottom up.

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Its results are eye-opening and jaw-dropping… Mr. Ball gives managers and marketers lots to think about.

Jim Pawlak Syndicated business book reviewer for Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, and more

This book reveals secrets that seem so obvious; so why has everyone else missed them?

Dino DeConcini Past Executive Director, U.S. Savings Bonds Program, U.S. Department of the Treasury

A powerful, influential book, ‘The Alpha Factor’ unveils the mystery to achieve market dominance and makes the case that customer needs can really be known and met.

Bud Handwerk, President Annamar Associates

The Alpha Factor is a must-read for anyone with responsibility for revenueside success, not just CEOs and those who want to be CEOs.

Curt Neunighoff United Pet Group, Spectrum Brands

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Wes Ball, President & Founder of The Ball Group.

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Learn what we discovered through a 15-year research project into what realy creates sustainable market dominance. What we discovered was the basis for creating billions of dollars in new growth for companies ranging in size from the Fortune 100 to mid-sized marketers.

About The Ball Group

Since 1982, the Ball Group has been focused on forward-looking research and strategic innovation. We have helped organizations ranging in size from the Fortune 100 to medium-sized regional companies create dramatic new growth, even when no growth had been experienced in more than a decade.



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